1. Acryl sheet is of the grid structure, and it is made with the Cast Sheet method. Bathtub shall comply with the KS F 4806 specs.
2. Acryl for bathtub shall be made of the materials that satisfy the ordering party's requirements.
3. Producer shall provide detailed manual on the installation and maintenance. It shall draft the progress schedule for delivery based on the construction progress schedule to deliver on time at the place designated by the ordering party so that it won't obstruct the overall field process.
4. Thickness of the single tier Acryl plate for the bathtub shall be as follows.
Classification Surface level Reinforcement level Reinforcement material
Materials Acryl (Cast Sheet) FRP
Thickness bathtub's main body at least t=3.5㎜ at least t=3㎜ (the curved part at the lower part of the bathtub is at least t=4㎜) MDF(floor) that is at least t=12㎜ Acryl sheet (Deck) that is at least t=3㎜
bathtub apron at least t=2.5㎜ at least t=2㎜ MDF that is at least t=8㎜ or Acryl sheet that is at least t=3㎜

Production conditions
1. Format and form
Bathtub : separated main body and apron format
2. Specs
Design blueprint shall be that required by the ordering party.
3. Color of the single tier Acryl bathtub
① Ordering party shall designate the color.
② In case of Acryl pearl (single tier pearl) color, pearl color shall not cluster together or get smeared. Instead,
    it shall be mixed evenly, maintaining subtle luster.

Production process

Classification Product name Material Others
Raw materials ACRYLIC SHEET MMA - Lucite (formerly, ICI) product
- Plasticity Acryl plate produced with the CELL CAST(grid cast) production method
Supplementary materials BASE BOARD Medium quality fiber board of the plant fiber material - at least 12T
ABS Stopper - Apron Stopper
DECK reinforcement plate Cast Acrylic - At least 3.0T
PE TAPE - SPRAY polishing
AL adhered polishing - finished goods polishing
water discharge hole

Product thickness
1) Acryl sheet thickness after molding (can change depending on the bathtub's shape)
2) FRP reinforcement layer's thickness

In general, reinforcement layer's thickness is at least 3T. The curved part at the lower part of the mold shall be 4T. Thickness of different parts may be greater or lower.

If and when materials shall be detective, or if and when there shall be defect in the installation work, the supplier shall carry our repair or install again according to the field employee's instruction.
1. Damage to the surface(scratch) and contamination
In case of the damage to the surface, repair it with sanding and lustering work. In case of the surface contamination, remove contaminant using acetone or compound.
2. Surface crevice(when the FRP layer is exposed)
When the crevice is small, spray the paint of the same color double after the putty work. Then, polish with the lustering work. If the crevice is large, then replace.
3. Defect in the installation
If the water discharge and horizontal placement are defect, install again.