Uin Chemical's premium bath tub, L'asis, is designed for specialized advanced functionality.

Sporting a unique design and distinctive shape, L'asis reflects Korea's state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with all of the functions you expect in a fully automated bath tub system such as whirlpool, massage and temperature control, and even "micro-bubbles".

Our system utilizes strong pressure to split micro-sized air bubbles and inject them into the water to let you enjoy the feel of soft bubbles. Rich bubbles are a feature of today's luxury bath, with various benefits such as skin exfoliation, atopic mitigation, doubling of effects for lower body, and sterilization.

The efficacy of MICRO BUBBLES - Heat
Warms up the body much better than regular bath tubs. As the tiny bubbles collide, vibrations are created that stimulate blood circulation and distribute heat evenly throughout the body.

The efficacy of MICRO BUBBLES - Massage
Massage from the vibrations of bubbles penetrates deep into the skin and muscles. A short bubble bath gives all the benefits of a massage, relaxing muscles and relieving muscle pain.

The efficacy of MICRO BUBBLES - Cleansing
Microscopic air bubbles gently work to exfoliate, removing oils and other wastes with its brisk cleaning action. Exfoliated skin contributes to smooth breathing and promotes metabolism.
Full function and temperature control system
Temperature regulation as well as strong jet flow massage that disperses accumulated fatigue in prone areas like the lumbar spine, soles, and calves. .