PerSpa is an abbreviation for "Personal Spa", a luxury bath that can be enjoyed at home, with spa functions formerly only available at luxury hotels, large saunas, and specialized spas.

Besides a whirlpool massage feature, it also regulates water temperature with a fully automatic control system- all features supplied at a reasonable price to consumers.

Effects of the temperature control system
Bath water temperature is one of the essential things to keep in mind for maintaining health. Water temperature of about 35 ~ 36 ℃ is close to the body's normal temperature and will serve to ward off fatigue. Water at about 42 ~ 43 ℃ stimulates the sympathetic nerves, induces perspiration, chases away fatigue and sleepiness, improves low blood pressure and symptoms of menstruation, and helps suppress gastric acid secretion. Lukewarm water at a temperature of around 38 ~ 39 ℃ stimulates parasympathetic nerves and relaxes the body of the day's accumulated fatigue. Thus, adjust bath water temperature as necessary to gain optimum benefits from the spa and enjoy a healthy life.
Digital Temperature Control System I
MAIN Control unit - analyzes the signals from each system part to maintin control. (various safety devices and working programs, air display, etc.)
Controls - displays all signals and controls via the Control Unit.
Heater - heats the bath water bath that circulates inside the tub.
Pump - circulates water in the bath and exports it from the nozzle.
Sensor - Built-in temperature and water level sensors. Detects temperature and water level sends the information to the control unit.

Digital Temperature Control System II
Headrest - soft type polyurethane provides comfort
Nozzle - massages all body parts through strong water flow.
Suction - Suctions bath water. Spill protection.
Heater suction - entrance for water circulated by the heater
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