Why buy Calderapas
Pure Comfort, Pure Performance, Pure Style…these are the words that best describe why so many hot tub owners love their Caldera® spa.

Every Caldera hot tub features the beautiful, graceful curves and contours that make Caldera comfort legendary. Caldera spas are expertly crafted to give you years of carefree performance. Our hot tubs immerse you in style, surrounding you with features like SpaGlo® lighting, stainless-steel trimmed spa jets, the beautiful Acquarella® waterfall, stunning interior acrylic color options and elegant, maintenance-free EcoTech ® hot tub exteriors.

Only Caldera spas let you discover why Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® feels so good. You'll delight in Caldera comfort, performance and style, choosing the perfect hot tub spas that suits your lifestyle.

About Calderapas
Portable Spas and Hot Tubs by Caldera: Quality-built, Quality-backed
Since 1976, Caldera has remained one of the most trusted spa brands in the world. Providing quality products and customer satisfaction is our commitment to you. Caldera spas are subjected to many rigorous inspections and quality tests before leaving the factory. Caldera craftsmen give meticulous attention to every detail in each spa’s form, function, fit, and finish. With this high level of engineering and construction, it’s easy to see why our exceptional International ComfortGuard™ limited warranty is one of the industry’s best.

In addition, names you can trust are standing behind Caldera Spas’ commitment to you, because Caldera is part of Watkins Manufacturing, the industry’s leading producer of premium spas. Watkins is a member of the Masco family of fine home products, Huppe® shower enclosures, and many others. You’ll also find your Caldera spas retailer is prepared to give you expert assistance every step of the way from helping you select the perfect spa for your needs, to providing reliable service and advice. So when you decide to own a Caldera spa, it will be a totally comfortable choice… in more ways than one.
Why So Many Satisfied Owners Choose Caldera Spas
Caldera ® spas are incredibly comfortable.
Seats are sculpted to cradle your body. Seat backs are gently curved. And the lounges feature smoothly contoured recesses to support your legs more comfortably.
The convenient, built-in assist-bar is thoughtfully positioned to help you get into or out of the luxurious lounge or spacious corner seat.
Recessed pillows comfortably cushion your head, while the spacious footwell lets you stretch out without crowding others.
You'll enjoy the extraordinary comfort of a Caldera spa from head to toe.
The unique Foot Ridge ® support provides a convenient anchor point to help you remain stationary while powerful jets and massaging bubbles work their magic. A built-in assist-bar provides greater ease in entry and exit of the spa. Lounge seats are contoured so you can totally relax without struggling to resist the effects of buoyancy. Sit back and let soft, molded pillows cushion your head in comfort.
Easy to Use
The Advent control panel gives you command of the spa’s functions at your ?ngertips. The auxiliary control panel, on Utopia Series spas, lets you operate your spa’s components from a second location within the spa. The durable, marine-grade vinyl cover features child-resistant safety locks. It meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards for classi?cation by Underwriters Laboratories. Exclusive cover lifter systems are available for all Caldera models to provide easy access to your spa while extending the life of your cover.
Spa Jets & Hydrotheraphy
Atlas® Neck Massage System
The EcstaSeat, in selected models, includes independently controlled, above-water-level jets to relax your neck muscles.
Provides a targeted massage for the large muscles in your back. Selected models also feature jets for your hands and/or calves.
LumbarSsage® Seat
Helps relieve tension and pain in the lower back with a unique jet con?guration. Selected models also feature jets for your calves.
Whirlpool Jet
This high-volume jet delivers a powerful massage for your lower back, or a pleasant swirling effect throughout your spa.
Euphoria® Jet
Provides a deep, powerful, penetrating massage to your thighs, knees, calves, and feet.
Sole Soothers® Jets
Direct a stimulating massage to your tired feet.
UltraMassage™ Lounge/Seat
Gives a soothing massage to your neck, shoulders, and middle back.
Air Jet System
Produces a gentle soft-tissue massage through strategically located air jets, in selected models.
Air Jet
Creates thousands of air bubbles for a soothing, gentle massage.
Euro Jet
Provides a precise massage to target speci?c muscles.
Euro-Pulse® Jet
Generates a pulsating, rotary massage. (Interchanges with Euro jets.)
AdaptaFlo™ Jet
Allows you to adjust the volume and direction of ?ow to suit your needs. Turning off the AdaptaFlo jets you’re not using increases ?ow to other jets.
AdaptaSsage™ Jet
Creates a constantly rotating jet stream for a soothing, stroking massage. (Interchanges with AdaptaFlo jets.)
VersaSsage® Jet
Provides either a stationary or rotating jet stream. Rotating the outer ring adjusts the water ?ow to your liking. Turning off the flow increases power to other jets.
OrbiSsage® Jet
Produces a unique, random, pulsating massage. (Interchanges with VersaSsage jets.)
Euphoria®/Whirlpool Jet
Delivers a large-diameter, high-volume jet stream for a deep tissue massage. Pulling the nozzle forward increases ?ow by up to 40%.