Chlorine, Cl2
Chlorine is yellow-green gas with irritating smell.Mostly used ofr manufacturing materials for (especially)PVC, organic chemistry, bleaching agent for papers/pulps, germicide for water. It reacts severely with oil, grease.

○ Standards for sale
Parameter Unit Specification
Purity (as Cl2), min. vol.% 99.8
Residue, max. ppmw 30.0
Water, max. ppmw 30.0

○ Units for packing
Ton Container(less than a ton)
100kg Bomb(less than 100kg)

○ Caution
It’s yellow-green gas which is 2.5 times heavier than air reacting severely with oil, solvent, grease, ammonia, acetone even though it’s not imflammable or explosive.
Chlorine gas has a irritating smell causing serious injuries when contacted to eye, skin and respiratory organs.

Sodium Hypo Chlorite, NaOCl
Hypo is trasparent yello-green liquid used for high-grade bleaching agent, oxidizing agent, germicide, analyzing test, fire-extinguisher, dyeing, brewing, making hydrazine, decolorant, deodorant, paper-pulp, fiber bleaching.

○ Standards for sale
Parameter Unit Specification
Purity (as NaOCl), min. wt.% 12.6
Available Chlorine, min. wt.% 12.0
Alkali Remained (as NaOH) wt.% 1.0±0.3
Metal (as Fe), max. ppmw 2.0

○ Unit for packing

○ Caution
generally It’s 12% hypo liquid with transparent yellow-green color. It’s unstable against air, heat, and light so it’s not easy to contain or transport.

Caustic Soda, NaOH
Highly used for fibers, inorganic chemistry, metals, soap/detergent, foods, paper manufactures, electricity/electrons, water service, and sewage disposal.

○ Standards for sale
Parameter Unit Specification
NaOH (Net) wt.% 49.5 ~ 50.7
Na2CO3, max. wt.% 0.2
NaCl, max. wt.% 0.015
Fe2O3, max. ppmw 10.0
Na2O (Total Alkalinity) wt.% 38.5 ~ 39.4
Na2SO4, max. wt.% 0.025

○ Unit for packing
Rubber-Lined Tank-Lorry

○ Caution
It’s not inflammable or explosive by itself, but it’s a strong alkali? reacting severely with the metals like aluminum and zinc. When diluted, it produces a lot of heat forming sodium carbonate curtain.