EnergyZero is a smart control system for hotel/motel guestrooms. This cutting edge device controls HVAC/PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) in guestrooms to markedly decrease the electricity usage.

EnergyZero is specifically designed as a wireless occupancy sensor. Apart from other sensors, EnergyZero delivers more capabilities because it simultaneously senses motion, temperature and body heat within its detection area, essentially controlling the A/C constantly to maintain optimal condition while limiting the use of A/C. Simply installing this smart A/C control unit in guestrooms can bring enormous benefits to owners/managements.

EnergyZeroo wireless sensors are surprisingly simple to install yet delivers powerful control mechanism while the guests enjoy comfortable environment. Hotels/motels benefit from EnergyZero because it saves energy, as well as prolonging the life of A/C all the while providing comfortable room conditions to their guests.

Feel free to learn more about this smart device. Click on our demo page to see how EnergyZero works to eliminate unwanted electricity use. Brochure and presentation materials are also available for download.

Energyzero is composed of wireless sensor and receiver.
* Wireless sensor device constantly monitors for motions and temperatures in the room.
* Receiver takes the infrared signal from the sensor and turns on or off the air-conditioning devices according to the conditions.

* Energyzero can control PTAC(Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner), HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), fancoil units and any other types of ordinary air conditioning devices.
* Energyzero can be easily installed without much hassle.
* Once installed, the sensor monitors the room for both occupancy and temperature.
* If the sensor catch the any movement in the room, it sends signal to the receiver to turn the air conditioning device on in 3 seconds.
* If the sensor cannot catch any movement in the room for 30 minutes, it sends signal to the receiver to turn the air conditioning device off.
* In case of the temperature in the room is higher than 26.7℃, Energyzero turn the air conditioning devices on even if there is no one in the room.
* In case of the room temperature is lower than 17.7℃, Energyzero turn the air conditioning devices off.
With Energyzero, you can keep room temperature in comfortable condition without any inconvenience.

Energyzero can save the cost for air conditioning in the offices, homes and hotels, etc. through preventing air conditioning devices run full time when the room is empty. At the same time, you can maintain proper temperature all the time.

During staying in the room, anyone can control the air conditioning devices manually.

Energyzero is very efficient in its battery usage. The sensor is operated with 1 lithium battery for approximately 5 years.

The sensor of Energyzero is specially linked to just one receiver. So you can control each rooms without interferencre between rooms.

Energyzero is made for wide range usage(90V~280V) so it can cover any types of devices.

You can save money and energy by just installing Energyzero in your rooms.
Energyzero could be easily installed, durable and simply maintained.

Happy green planet, joyful saving with Energyzero.