On July 8, 1999, Uin Chemical Co., Ltd's Authorized Inspection Agency was the first to be designated by Korea Gas Safety Corporation and South Chungcheong Province authorities as a retest business for toxic gases (chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide) containers used by the Korea Water Resources Corporation, opened offices as a professional inspection agency for toxic vessels (chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide), and it has examined about 60% of the vessels used by water-related governmental entities and businesses.

In addition, on November 9, 2004, our company was the first to gain recognition (ISO/ICEC17020) (toxic gas container retesting) from national public inspection agencies implementing [securing a system of recognition meeting international standards for national inspection agencies, raising the levels of operation of those agencies to international standards, a national policy project to aggressively tackle trade and technological barriers with advanced countries such as APLAC MRA (Asia Pacific Mutual Recognition Arrangement), ILAC MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement, etc. ]

Uin Chemical Co., Ltd.'s Authorized Inspection Agency was established to achieve "thorough vessel reinspections", "improvement in the quality of inspectors," and a "zero defect" rate for vessel reinspections, and constantly works to improve the assets and confidence of our customers.

In the future as well, we will continue at the forefront of challenges, and work tirelessly to not only be "first" be also the "best".

The inspection Center
1) Business name: Uin chemical Co.,Ltd
2) CEO: Lee, Bum-Yong
3) Location: 59-1 Galsan-ri Tangjung-myeong Asan-si Chungcheongnamdo
4) Allowed for: General high-pressure gas cylinder
5) Business scale
A) Land area: 10,315㎡
      - Area re-inspected by the audit:700.5㎡
      - Office area: 486.59㎡
B) capital: 3 hundred million KRW
6) Toxic gas (chlorine, ammonia) treatment organization designated (Chungcheongnamdo): 199.7.8.
7) Launched as toxic gas toxic gas (chlorine, ammonia) expert (Korea Gas Safety Corporation) 1999.11.26.
8) Launched to transfer Korea Gas Safety Corporation duties: 2000.3.1.

As an expert vessel inspection company, we work diligently to offer a scientific and rational vessel reinspection service, in accordance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Control Act, pursuant to Article 35 of the designated inspection agency specializing in high-pressure gas cylinders, ensuring the safety of vessels and to prevent related disasters.